Transactional Analysis Journal

Official Journal of the ITAA

With its first issue appearing January 1971, the Transactional Analysis Journal is published quarterly to advance the theory, principles, and practice of transactional analysis. 

As a peer-reviewed journal, the TAJ offers scholarly and research articles as well as book reviews.  The TAJ frequently features theme issues on topics such as ethics, learning from our mistakes, training and supervision, redecision therapy, Eric Berne, the body in therapy, case studies, the schizoid process, transactional analysis in education, the evolving field of organizational transactional analysis, transactional analysis and psychoanalysis, gay and lesbian issues, transactional analysis in Latin America, freedom and responsibility, groups, counseling, and transactional analysis with children.  

ITAA members receive an annual subscription as a membership benefit, which includes both hard-copy and online formats.  In addition, access to the full digital TAJ archive from 1971-present is included with certain membership categories (see "Membership Benefits").  Nonmembers can also subscribe to the journal for an annual fee by contacting our publisher, Routledge/Taylor and Francis.

Authors wishing to submit manuscripts for publications should consult our submission guidelines.pdf.

Diana Deaconu

Helen Rowland

Karen Minikin

Bill Cornell
Consulting editor

Sylvie Monin

Trudi Newton

    Alexandra Gheorghe Coeditor

Robin Fryer
Managing Editor