ITAA Board of Trustees

Chitra Ravi, President

Chitra Ravi, BS, MA (psychology), TSTA (psychotherapy), lives in Bangalore, India, where she facilitates transactional analysis psychotherapy training and individual/group supervision. Having been on the ITAA Board of Trustees for 6 years and serving previously for 6 years as chair of the IBOC, she has had the opportunity to interact widely with the ITAA community, address significant issues, and make some difficult decisions. In this time of the pandemic crisis and pervasive uncertainty, Chitra brings her experience and perspective to her role as president. She believes that her humility and willingness to learn from others is crucial for the challenges that lie ahead. She is excited to undertake the responsibilities that the presidency entails. She will draw on many resources and individuals to help carry out her responsibilities.

Elana Leigh, Past-President

Elana Leigh, Bachelor of Social Work, MSc Integrative Psychotherapy, TSTA (Psychotherapy) has been a member of ITAA since 1985. She immigrated from South Africa to Sydney Australia in 1980. In 1982 she relocated to London where she trained at the Metanoia Institute. After 13 years she returned to Sydney where she has been working as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer. Elana’s South African and migrant history have underpinned her interest and drive in understanding and working with the challenges of living and working with difference. This has led her to work with and in many international cultures. In the ITAA she has served in the role of Vice president of Research and innovation as well as on the training and certification committees. ITAA’s core philosophy, its ‘commitment to high professional standards as well to social justice issues is what keeps ITAA her home base.

John Oates, Treasurer

John is a chartered accountant (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales - ICAEW). After qualification in 1975 with what is now PwC, he specialized in IT and Business Systems. In the mid-1980s, he joined what is now RSM (UK) in Manchester as partner in charge of IT, managing the firm’s own systems and providing IT consultancy services. During this time, the business grew substantially. John has been a member of the Technical Committee of the ICAEW’s IT Faculty since 1989, chairing it for 7 years, and then chairing the faculty itself for the maximum 4-year period. He retired as a partner in RSM in 2011, remaining as a consultant for 2 years. He continues to conduct software reviews for the ICAEW’s IT Accreditation Scheme, helping him keep up to date with the fast changes in the software industry. John has a number of voluntary roles. He is treasurer of a local group supporting the Ffestiniog Railway in North Wales, where he has volunteered since 1969. John is Director, Business Systems at Ffestiniog Travel, being influential in upgrading their systems, putting most of them in The Cloud. He is also chairman of the Mid Cheshire Rail Users Association (400+ members) and chair of the Mid Cheshire Community Rail Partnership. His wish is to see ITAA’s systems run slickly and for the executive and board of trustees to have appropriate information to inform their decisions as the ITAA develops.

Rema Giridhar, Secretary

I feel privileged to become ITAA Secretary. I come from south India and feel this is a great opportunity to increase my connections with the wider TA community. It is almost a decade since TA came into my life, and it has helped me to stay grounded, respectful of others, and authentic in the way I feel, think, and behave. This will help me with the tasks of secretary. I have been part of the South Asian Association of Transactional Analysts (SAATA) as joint secretary and coeditor of the newsletter and have been involved in various day-to-day functions, tasks, and communications. This has helped me build my professional and personal acumen and will also help me to fulfill the responsibilities of ITAA Secretary in the best possible way. I am one of the National Coordinators (India) of the TAPACY projects of IDTA and so far have successfully executed four projects under this banner. I am passionate about working with children and young adults and constantly look for opportunities among the student community to give what I received.

Michelle Thomé, Vice President, Development

I started on the board as Latin America Regional Representative in 2018 and am pleased to take on the position of VP Development. I organized the first online workshop in May 2021 that was used as a pilot for the ITAA’s first online conference. I am a member of the Ethics and Conference Committees, and as VP Development, I manage the Communications Team working to develop ITAA’s new website, logo, and social media platforms. I bring 28 years of experience in the fields of journalism and marketing to my 7 years as a transactional analyst. Since my first contact with TA in 2013, I have advanced in theoretical knowledge and personal and professional relationships, especially when I increased my international connections. Working as a counselor, coach, and constellator, I use TA theory and practice with clients with significant results. In Brasil, I am a TA trainer and supervisor, teaching TA 101 and 202 classes.

Alessandra Pierini Vice President, Operations

Alessandra is a psychologist, psychotherapist, and Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst (in the psychotherapy field). She is the director of a TA institute in Rome; founder of “Physis,” a center for psychology and psychotherapy; and the editor of an Italian TA journal. She has always believed in the usefulness and power of associations for their members, and for this reason she served in her TA national association and then in the European Transactional Analysis Association. Because the ITAA has greatly contributed to her professional growth, she wanted to express her gratitude by offering her energy, passion, and competence by running for the position of European regional representative on the ITAA Board, which she filled from 2016 to 2020. She found it a privilege and pleasure to serve in that role and to be of service to the European membership. She has gained and learned from that experience. Now she is honored to serve as ITAA Vice President Operations. She is aware of how demanding and full of responsibilities this task is but knows that she can rely on the other board members for support and help in performing her duties in the best possible way.

Steff Oates, Vice President, Research & Innovation

I served as ITAA Secretary from 2009–2014 so I am very aware of the workings of the Board of Trustees and the executive committee. During that time, I was involved in the process of the TAJ moving to an external publisher. Since the end of my term as secretary, I have remained involved, especially with our publications, which are an important area of responsibility for the VP of R&I. I have been coeditor of The Script, have coedited three TAJ special issues, and have had a number of articles published. I remain a member of the TAJ editorial board and have recently been involved in supporting authors whose first language is not English in their writing for the TAJ. I have also been involved in writing for and soliciting articles for the French-language journal and am very interested in collaboration with TA organizations who publish in their own languages. As secretary, I managed the awards committee and so am well aware of the awards processes, including the Eric Berne Memorial Award and the more recent ITAA Research Award. I am used to regularly producing reports about team and committee activities and would enjoy working with and representing the editors of the TAJ and The Script. I have a passion for disseminating the TA literature and to that end have coauthored a TAJ article with a psychoanalyst. I would very much like our journal to achieve wider coverage in intellectual circles across our four fields of application and beyond.

Maguerite Sacco, Regional Representative, Africa & Middle East

I am looking forward to serving in this role because I want to contribute to and become more involved in the inner workings of the ITAA. This position affords me the chance to represent Africa, where I live and where TA is small but precious and needs representation and as much support and as many opportunities as possible to grow its strength and numbers. As far as the Middle East goes, this is a great chance for me to make contact with transactional analysts and to find out more about TA activities in that part of the world, ensuring that they too, are represented in the ITAA. I have been a Certified Transactional Analyst in the organizational field since 2010 and am planning to complete the TEW in 2021. After that I will sign a contract and work toward becoming a TSTA. On this journey I look forward to meeting transactional analysts from around the globe and to becoming involved in the development of the ITAA.

Anne Tucker, Regional Representative, AustralNZ

Anne has been a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in the organizational field since 2015. After a nursing career, she worked in business, eventually running a successful company providing various counseling, training, and consulting services to New Zealand and Australian businesses. It was during that time that she discovered TA and found it invaluable in untangling both her own and company dynamics to achieve productive and effective outcomes. Anne now enjoys teaching and supervising people working in organizations as well as supporting people in their preparation for TA exams. Anne says, “I feel honored to be the Australasian representative on the ITAA Board of Trustees.” My aim is to keep our members up-to-date with happenings and to share relevant information from our countries to the board. I am proud to be following on from our latest representative, Christine Kalin, who did a great job.”

Sylvie Monin, Regional Representative, Europe & Central Asia

Sylvie Monin is a Teaching and Supervising Transactional Analyst in the counseling field and has a Swiss Federal Diploma of Counselor in the psychosocial field.  She is based in Geneva, Switzerland, where she runs a private practice working with individuals and groups.  A partner and member of the teaching and supervising team of Atrium, she is in charge of the counseling curriculum there.  Sylvie has authored articles on TA counseling, was the guest editor of the January 2013 Transactional Analysis Journal  issue dedicated to counseling, and is now a coeditor of the TAJ. Her previous work as an executive assistant led to work in the United States and Switzerland, where she gained extensive experience in the field of business, international organizations, multinationals, and Swiss private firms.  She draws from this experience in her work as a counselor and in her involvement in the TA associations. Sylvie was a member of EATA Council from 2010 until 2018, 6 years of which she served as vice president.  She has been intent on gaining recognition for counseling as a professional field and on facilitating closer cooperation and building bridges between the ITAA and EATA.  Sylvie received the 2019 ITAA Service Award and is passionate about TA and values its internationality.

Prathitha Gangadharan, Regional Representative, Asia-Pacific

I have been a member of the ITAA for more than 6 years and in advanced TA training for 10 years. ITAA so far has been about the TAJ and The Script, which have helped me to understand TA theory and facilitated my work as a psychotherapist. I have benefited from being a part of the community in both a personal and a professional capacity.
I am glad to extend my role by becoming a regional representative member of the ITAA Board so that I can directly contribute to the community here. I hope to be a bridge between the ITAA and regional members, facilitating communications between the two and promoting effectiveness, cohesion, and recognition in the TA community. As a regional representative, I want to play a key role in addressing queries, issues, and suggestions that emerge in this region. TA is a simple framework that, combined with local philosophies on health, can be propagated to promote wholeness and wellness. I want to spread the message in our region so that it benefits the community, and I hope to learn and grow in the process.

Paula Rodrigues, Regional Representative, Central & South America & Carribean

It is with joy and enthusiasm I accept the invitation to become the regional representative for Central and South America and the Caribbean region. In this role, I hope to contribute to the continuous learning process of all members of our region. To me, associating with the ITAA is a great opportunity to share knowledge and experiences in order to improve our repertoire as transactional analysts. I hope to be a bridge between the regions and to promote our personal and professional development and relationship. I was introduced to TA in 2017, and since then I have been applying it in the organizational and educational fields, especially in the leadership training I do for companies I work for in Brazil as a human relations professional. I will be encouraging my colleagues to share their findings about TA with the world. I believe this shared learning will allow us to harness the full potential of this theory to facilitate growth in the people with whom we work.

Lucy Freedman, Regional Representative, North America

I look forward to serving on the ITAA Board of Trustees as the representative of my region because of my lifelong commitment to TA and its potential for helping humanity live in peace and cooperation. The well-being and natural state of each person, known as OKness, must be nurtured to create a society to which we want to belong. The ITAA links people with similar beliefs across the world, adding to a powerful wave of change. I am eager to combine my personal contribution with those of others involved in the positive application of TA. Since my first steps into TA in 1972—serving on committees, on the board, on the World Integration Committee, then the Long-Range Planning Task Force, and as ITAA President—I have upheld the importance of an inclusive TA community. As chair of the 2014 San Francisco World Conference and cochair of the 2019 Raleigh Conference, I am impressed with the caliber of people leading the ITAA and look forward to working with them again. Having served continuously on the USATAA Council for the past 17 years, I have a good idea of what is happening in the North American region. When I was asked to consider running for this position, vacated due to term limits, I felt excited about ITAA’s future on the planet and in the virtual world. As your North America representative, I will nurture both organizational health and fresh and creative initiatives.